Society of Monash Electrical Engineers

What is SMEE?

The Society of Monash Electrical Engineers (SMEE) is the official academic club of the Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (ECSE) faculty at Monash University. We run a wide variety of events each year, including competitions, workshops and seminars, careers events, and social events.

How to Join SMEE

  1. Go to the official MSA (Monash Student Association) club page (Click above or find the page at:
  2. Sign in with your Monash email
  3. Press on “Add to Basket” and press the checkout button in the top right, and follow the prompts from MSA.
  4. (Joining the club costs $5 normally, but is FREE if you’re a member of MSA)
  5. Enjoy becoming a SMEE member and receiving free and discounted prices to all SMEE events, and saving money!

You don’t need to be studying Electrical Engineering to join SMEE- or even studying a technical course- if you like the sound of building robots, finding more about working in industry or even just doing cool things with electricity you’ll find something interesting happening with SMEE!


Tech Industry Night (TIN)

1st Semester – April

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

5pm Thursday 21 September

Industry Pathways Panel Night (IPPN)

6pm Wednesday 4 October

Other Events

Across the year – sign up and follow our socials to keep up to date!

Robot Building Competition (RBC)

2nd Semester

Cocktail Night

8pm Friday 29 September

Trivia Night

With MECC, MatES, GLEAM and MAMEC – coming soon

5:30pm Thursday 5 October